Why Code Block and Inline Code Block Formatting Options Offered by Medium Editor is Not Working

Source: Maryam Mehboob

For code block and inline code block on the medium editor, I read Casey Botticello and Medium help center. But these formatting options did not worked for me.

Casey Botticello mentioned in his guide:

Source: Casey Botticello

Eventually, I realized that my current working keyboard layout is ABC-QWERTZ instead of standard U.S. English.


For ABC-QWERTZ Keyboard Layout

  1. Inline Code.
  2. Code Block.

Inline Code

  • To enter into inline code block:
[Single backtick(`) + space key]
  • To leave inline code block:
[Single backtick key(`)]

When you want to add an inline code block in the middle of the sentence, add one space before pressing a single backtick.

Code Block

  • To enter into code block:
[Type double backtick(``) + Press enter key]

Try for what works with your current layout if you are not using one of these layouts.