How Medium is Good Choice for New Writers

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A short time ago, I acknowledged my intuitions, which whispered, give a chance to writing. These intuitions were so convincing in urging me to get my feet wet. Later, I assessed them as true feelings for the reason that I feel more of myself after writing something. Being an introvert, inner thoughts and ideas come up in my mind very often. In actuality, it would be great to write down and share them with world, before they die.

Alike speaking, writing is a medium of conversation with other humans. Several individuals like to express themselves by speaking, and a portion of us by writing. Thus, when I decided to choose my way of expression as writing. I went out for the search of a platform. From where I can learn and boost my writing skills.

At that instant, I come across Medium.

For the following reasons, it is the right place to start your writing:

1. Write about what interests you

Get into the topics which excite you the most. The choice is yours, you could write about Arts & Entertainment, Culture, Equality, Health, Industry, Personal Development, Politics, Programming, Science. Aside from this, invest your earliest time to find what is your thing. Once you found out, your growth will be rapid. On medium, peoples possess mutual concerns will reach you, for sure.

2. Practice your writing style

In literature, writers identified by considering two notions one is content, and the other is a style of writing things.

The most durable thing in writing is style, and style is the single most valuable investment a writer can make with his time.

— Raymond Chandler

Selection of words, construction of sentences and paragraphs, tone of expressing thoughts is a style. Here, you can pick out your way of expression.

3. Distraction-free environment

One attractive thing about the medium is, it provide advertisement free atmosphere. It enable us to read, write and generate new ideas in a studious adobe.

4. Active community

Highly skilled authors write articles daily. We can read them to learn from their writings and experiences. Since, for fluid writing, abundant reading is mandatory. Track down the authors, who are writing on the subject, you chose. It will unfold your sight.

After all, consistency is the key to nurture your skills.

Break a leg!



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