Create Simple and Responsive Email-Newsletter Subscription Form

HTML, CSS, jQuery

An email-newsletter form for subscription.

hat is email-newsletter?

A newsletter is a medium through which user can subscribe websites, blogs and e-commerce via email to get updates from the subscribed forums and to stay connect with them.


1. Host side:

  • Act as a mean for the advertisement of new products or contents.
  • Strengthens relationship with customers.

2. User side:

  • Customers can get new updates.
  • Friendly and cost effective solution to stay with.

et's dive into its implementation:

HTML is used for the structuring of the newsletter, styling is applied using CSS and jQuery for event handling.


HTML for Structuring.


CSS for styling.


Add version of jQuery in your java script folder where you have projects java script file.

Jquery for event handling.

Happy coding!